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New features in Microsoft To Do make it easy to share menus, and Edge makes it easy to navigate PDF files.

Share your personal to-do lists with your work account – Many of us blend the boundaries between our personal and work lives with our email, web browsers, lists, and other tools. It is not uncommon for you to need to share things between personal and work accounts. To help make shared to-do lists more seamless, Microsoft To Do will now allow you to share lists from personal accounts to work accounts. Whether you’re creating a shopping list with your family or a project list with a third-party vendor, collaborating on To Do has never been easier. Users can start sharing personal lists today.

Quickly navigate PDF files and more with new Edge features – Table of contents support is one of the most sought after features in our original PDF wizard. Now you can quickly navigate your PDF by clicking on the linked sections in the table of contents. You can now also set Edge as the default browser on iOS14 so that web links you click open in Microsoft Edge. We are also pleased to announce that you can easily compare the price of the product you want with other retailers in the groups. Soon, we will also add a proactive price comparison and coupons to help you save time and money.

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Stay protected and check app compatibility
New features in Microsoft Defender Antivirus help small and medium businesses understand the nature of threats, and App Assure now supports ARM64 Windows 10 PCs.

Gain more visibility and control over how Microsoft Defender Antivirus keeps you protected – Understanding the nature of threats is critical to defending your business against cyber threats. Starting next month, we’re rolling out a new experience in the Microsoft 365 admin center that will give IT teams in small and medium-sized businesses a single place to see how Defender Antivirus protects their Windows 10 devices. device and threat status, and investigate Threats, take action. The new capabilities apply to all Windows 10 devices registered with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) with the Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription plan.

Get help with app compatibility issues on Windows 10 ARM64 PCs – 2 years ago, we launched App Assure to help our customers address app compatibility issues. Last month, we announced that we are now providing application compatibility assistance for Windows 10 on ARM64 PCs. This means that if you encounter application compatibility issues on Windows 10 ARM64 PCs such as Surface Pro X, we will help you resolve them at no additional cost. This is part of the FastTrack feature, which is at no additional cost with eligible Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 plans that include more than 150 licenses.

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